Syndicated Feed Sponsorship


  • Apr 01 - Apr 07 Sold

  • Apr 08 - Apr 14 Sold

  • Apr 15 - Apr 21 Available

  • Apr 22 - Apr 28 Sold

  • Apr 29 - May 05 Available

  • May 06 - May 12 Available

  • May 13 - May 19 Sold

  • May 20 - May 26 Sold

  • May 27 - Jun 02 Available

  • Jun 03 - Jun 09 Available

  • Jun 10 - Jun 11 Sold

Price: £1500

To schedule a sponsorship or for additional information, email Thomas Kilroy.

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Week-long sponsorships are available for Kitchen Sync. This is the only way to promote your product or service specifically to Kitchen Sync’s influential audience of Hospitality wonks, trailblazers, innovators, desk jockeys, slop jockeys and connoisseurs in the art of fine sarcasm.

What sponsors get:

  • A display ad on the footer of every page of the site, all week long.

  • a post from the sponsor will appear in the RSS feed at the start of the week. You, the sponsor, get to address Kitchen Sync’s most dedicated readers directly.

  • At the end of the week, I’ll also post an item thanking and linking to the sponsor.

  • An archive of all previous KS RSS feed sponsors will be available shortly where new/returning readers can permanently access the link to your brand.

About Kitchen Sync’s audience:

  • Kitchen Sync attracts a niche following of the Hospitality sector’s senior-most influential decision makers and business leaders: astute at spotting the next big thing, they have an insatiable apetite to be in the know on industry developments, opinions and trends.

  • Articles like this one have received 12,500 views when shared to our network on LinkedIn

  • Sponsorship is exclusive. Only one sponsor per week.